DIY Plant Baby Fringe

Jazz up your plant babies with this fun + simple DIY!


There is something so beautiful about a bright green plant in a smooth terra cotta pot. There is also something beautiful and quirky about a pot with fringe on it! That extra pop of color against the clay and leaves. Now the pot has as much personality as your plant does, instead of just being a supporting actor.

This is one of my absolute favorite DIY projects. Inexpensive, fast and fun; with an amazing result!


To start, you will need a plant already potted (this works on plastic pots too!) I chose a jade plant because they are hearty and long lasting (meaning less re-potting which could get the fringe dirty.) As well as:




Next, measure the fringe around the pot (as if it were a measuring tape.)

Apply your glue to the cut piece of fringe.




Slowly and carefully wrap the trim around the selected pot. (Higher up right on the rim is where I usually put it, but you could also place it along the bottom of the lip, or keep adding them all the way down!) Secure with a wooden clothespin or small piece of Scotch tape.



Let the glue set for a few hours (the Tacky Glue dries clear!) and carefully remove the clothespin or tape. Voila! A plant baby with even more pizzazz! 🌿



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