Upcycle Those Old Candles!

Turn the ends of your used candles into brand new ones.

You know that heartbreaking moment when you realize your favorite candle is on it’s last leg? Do you have a handful of old candles laying around because you just can’t part with the votive? With this easy DIY, you can turn your old candles into brand new ones!


Step 1

Make sure the wax of your candle is nice and solid. Using a butter knife, gently break up the wax and scrape it out around the old wick. Set aside.

(For this blog, I used two old Capri Blu Volcano candles because well, they’re one of my faves and I don’t ever want them to be finished! Also, they have a nice buttery soy wax that makes it super easy to break up and scrape out- unlike cheap, crumbly wax candles.)




Step 2

Gather your other supplies:

  • scissors
  • heavy duty glue (I prefer E6000 for it’s virtual indestructibility- find some here)
  • wicks + wick stands (my favorite are real, wooden wicks from The Wooden Wick because they give that awesome crackle)
  • a small Mason jar or clean candle votive (this was an old fave from World Market)



Step 3

Insert wick into wick stand and add a dab of glue on the bottom.  Make sure it is perfectly centered in the votive and press to secure. Let dry.



Once dry, use a pair of sharp scissors to trim the wick to the height of the votive. (You will probably need to trim it more later.)



Step 4

Next, gather your melting supplies. You will need:

  • a clean can (a soup or coffee can works great depending on the amount of wax you have)
  • small cooking pot (don’t worry- it shouldn’t get any wax in it!)
  • plastic funnel
  • potholder
  • a chopstick or plastic spoon (to stir the wax and retrieve any floating ash from the old wick)



Step 5

Next you will need to create a double boiler to melt the wax. Fill the pot with about 2 cups water, turn on medium heat and let it reach a nice rolling boil.

Add the wax to your can and rest the can in the water.

Over the next 3-5 minutes, allow the wax to melt as you gently stir from time to time.



Step 6

Using the potholder and funnel, gently pour the fully melted wax into the votive. Once poured, use the chopstick or plastic spoon to guide a little melted wax on to the wick to help it burn more evenly.


Step 7 

Allow it to set for at least 24 hours. Trim any excess wick with large nail clippers.




Light and enjoy your new candle! Cheers!



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