Create Your Own Spring Wreath

A quick + simple DIY to dress up your front door for spring! 

With the Spring Equinox being only a day away, I know we have all been anxiously awaiting this time. Upon walking into any retailer or craft store recently, the spring decor section has seemed to have exploded, and you are bound to run across the section of spring wreaths.  Not only are there too many to choose from, they are exorbitantly priced and in my opinion, unbelievably fake looking. (Sorry, y’all know I prefer the real thing.) I know, I know, the whole point of a wreath is to be able to use it year after year… but after a while you have an expensive wreath for every season gathering dust (and taking up space!) in your garage.

This option offers the best of all the worlds: homemade, inexpensive, takes up very little storage space, and offers real greenery (and the lovely smells that come along with it.) The secret being you’ll pick out seasonal greenery or flowers and use the same wreath base all year long, at a fraction of the cost. Follow the simple steps below to create your own and celebrate this long awaited season.



Step 1

Gather your supplies:

  • wreath base (I chose this 12″ grapevine wreath from the Dollar Tree)
  • floral wire
  • wire cutters (or pliers with a built-in wire cutter like these shown here)
  • scissors
  • seasonal greenery (I chose silver dollar eucalyptus for it’s lovely shape) Tip: consider how what you choose will look once they start drying!




Step 2

Begin laying out your greenery to your desired placement and secure with a small piece of the floral wire making sure the “knot” is on the back side of the wreath. Cut off any stray ends of the greenery or flowers with your scissors.




Step 3

Continue adding on more greenery, this time securing the end with floral wire, and then wrapping a longer piece down the length of the greenery.  Try to stay solely around the stem, weaving in and out around the leaves or flowers.




Step 4 

Gently flip the wreath over and secure the ends of the floral wire on the back side. Cut off any leftover pieces with the wire cutters and tuck in place.




Step 5

Once you have reached your desired placement and fullness, trim off or tuck in any stray ends to your greenery.






Step 6

Hang! The front door is completely optional- you could hang it from a large nail or hook above the mantle, on an inside door, or on any wall in your home.

I found this 12″ wreath hanger in black for $5 at JoAnn Fabrics. They come in many different colors + finishes, and range from a foot to 15″ in length- depending on the size of your wreath and door. I chose to hang it on the front door for a pop of color and that way, I can see (and smell) my new creation every time I come home. Happy Spring and DIY’ing yall! 🌿




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