#OneRoomChallenge Week 4: Vintage Bohemian Dining Space

Untitled design (6)

Week 4 of the One Room Challenge is here and so are the mirror and rug!! The dogs have already staked their claim as it’s much bigger than the old one and well, this one actually fits the room!

Before I get into all the juicy details of this week’s elements, let’s take a quick side by side look at the transformation so far.

Before: lacking color + cohesiveness, hand me down furniture needing a facelift, and the original light fixture that came with our rental

Week 4: much more cohesiveness within the design elements, but still lacking color on the walls (until this Sunday that is!)

The Rug


As long planned, I went with the 5′ x 7′ version of the runner we have in the entry. Overstock has been my JAM lately! Like much of our home, it consists of sage, mint, navy and pops of burnt orange and gold. I thought it would be the perfect element to tie together the sage wainscotting and deep navy chairs, and love both the modern and bohemian feeling it has.


As you can see, apparently so does Luigi… They’re lucky they’re so cute!

The Mirror


For what seems like an eternity, I have wanted this mirror from good ole Target… and thanks to the #oneroomchallenge I finally had an excuse to make it mine. I love it’s sleek, minimalistic feel and the additional pop of gold it gives to the space.

But maybe my favorite part is the chandelier’s reflection. You mean I get to see that beaut twice in the same room? Yes, please.


Speaking of gold, I’ve been torn whether or not to paint the tips of just the back legs of the chairs gold, and I think it’s a go! I mean, go big or go home right?


The Plan

  • finish the dining table with a weathered wood top
  • paint the chairs a deep navy 
  • paint the back chair leg tips metallic gold
  • replace the rug with this one that matches our runner in the entry
  • restain bookshelf doors (where tape removed the stain) + add new knobs
  • paint backing material of bookshelves gray
  • install high sage wainscoting
  • replace chandelier
  • hanging shelf rehab with leather “straps”
  • new plants!
  • replace rectangular mirror with this one




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You can also follow along on Instagram by following #oneroomchallenge for more inspo! I’ll see y’all back here next week!



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