ORC Fall 2019 Week 2: Bold + Modern Boho Guest Bath

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Welcome to Week 2 of the Fall 2019 One Room Challenge! 🍂 I hope everyone’s spaces are coming along as smoothly as these things can possibly go, and you are having a blast along the way!

This week in the Scranton + Tringali household, we have painted our guest bath and installed the new light fixture. It always amazes me how much a room can change with just a little paint! 1 1/2 coats of Benjamin Moore Dragonfly to be exact.

Because this space is so small and the shower and mirror take up much of it, the entire paint job only took about four hours from start to finish! Of course I had my trusty sidekick Sal to help with the taping, and then I turned on a podcast and got to work. Having to climb up on a shower ledge and vanity always makes things more exciting, that’s for sure!

The Design Board 

Untitled design (1)


Compared to the Spring ORC, this time I didn’t have as much pictorial inspiration per se, and more of just an organic “vision” if you will. The existing Van Gogh “Almond Blossoms” print (oh, the irony!) was more of my inspiration.  Then I saw the wall color, and then the rug, and it just began unfolding from there, with touches of matte black, copper and amber glass to follow.

The Transformation


Without paint on the walls, this bathroom lacked any dimension; the cream shower curtain blended in with the almond walls, floor and vanity counter. Now the shower curtain has a vibrant hue to pop against, and the vanity will hopefully become a muted gray soon.


Since my in-laws were staying with us over the weekend, I somewhat re-staged the bathroom so they would have a comfortable space to use. We were also lucky enough to have my partner’s father Guy install a new light fixture for us. It’s always nice to have a contractor in the house in the middle of a reno! We installed the wooden chandelier in the dining room ourselves during the Spring ORC but his dad was more than eager to help with this one. 🙏


I found this modern vanity light on Shades of Light for only $90. It’s exactly what I wanted! Of course, it will be coming with us, so we stowed the 80’s vanity lights away to be re-installed upon move out.

It’s a beautiful matte black with seeded globes, and we bought the Edison bulbs to complete the look. Sadly, they are much too yellow and only 5W so it has made the space MUCH darker. (The amount of brightening/ temperature correction that was done to these pictures was far too much for me to do on a regular basis!) New, white 6W LED Edison bulbs are on the way from Ebay as we speak.


For Week 3, I’m hoping to paint the vanity a soft muted gray (if our landlord says yes), add new knobs and “tile” the backsplash. Say a little prayer he does! 🤞🤞


The Plan





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You can also follow along on Instagram by following #oneroomchallenge for more inspo! I’ll see y’all back here next week!




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