ORC Fall 2019 Week 4: Bold + Modern Boho Guest Bath


Welcome to Week 4 of the One Room Challenge… we’re in the home stretch! Last week I was lamenting that I felt there wasn’t much left to do and I was sadly almost finished with the challenge… but of course I found a few more budget-friendly, high-impact projects to add to this space!!

My sister, who has previously said we need to “stop spending so much on a rental,” kindly brought to my attention that the old silver faucet stuck out like a sore thumb and I should get a black one. ūüėā Luckily, she went about looking for herself and sent me the link to an extremely affordable one from Amazon. (She’s also the one that found the amazing deal on the chandelier from the Spring ORC!) A sleek, matte black with copper “distessing”- and one that was simple to install and will come with us when we leave! This week also saw the addition of the copper light switch and electrical plates, and the DIY transformation of the shower curtain rod from blah to black!

The Design Board 

Untitled design (1)

Compared to the Spring ORC, this time I didn’t have as much pictorial inspiration per se, and more of just an organic “vision” if you will. The existing Van Gogh “Almond Blossoms” print (oh, the irony!) was more of my inspiration.¬† Next I envisioned the wall color, and then the rug, and it just began unfolding from there, with touches of matte black, copper and amber glass to follow.

The Before


The Transformation So Far


A quick recap: Week 1 consisted of tackling the paint first, which I am loving more and more everyday. Week 2 saw our new modern light fixture, and after switching from the yellow Edison bulbs I originally bought to these white ones, it has really brightened up the space and lets the real color of the paint shine through. Week 3 welcomed the transformation of the vanity including new paint, knobs, vinyl tile backsplash and hand-stained “legs.” And in Week 4… it’s all in the details.

[BPBE] Proecho Solutions 10.22.2019-6


So here is the above-mentioned faucet. Ain’t she a beaut?! I love the waterfall spout, as well as how¬†smoothly the handle moves, and I just can’t get over the coincidental copper “distressing” on here- I could not see that in the Amazon photos but it couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.



Of course, my amazing partner and resident handyman Sal (who’s dad installed the light fixture for us a few weeks ago!) helped me with this one big time. It took a minute for him to get the “Cold” locknut off but after a successful try with a crescant wrench we were on our way. The rest was essentially a cakewalk and voila- from builder grade to beautiful in about 15 minutes. I couldn’t believe how simple this was and the result is like night and day!


Another fun little change this week came with the new copper electrical plates. A whopping $10 for both!! Again, thanks Amazon!


Lastly, I painted the existing cream shower curtain rod with a coat of flat black spray paint, and added these cute shower curtains rings I picked up at TJ Maxx for only $5. Now not only the rings, but the cream shower curtain have something to contrast with.


Now that I really am nearing the finish line, I just have one more trick up by sleave for the last few weeks! I also plan on giving this linoleum a nice deep clean- honestly I’m probably just going to bleach the hell out of it- and have just a bit of restyling to do! Can’t wait to show yall the finished product.


The Plan

  • paint walls Benjamin Moore Dragonfly
  • (hopefully!) paint the vanity a soft gray
  • install a new modern black light fixture
  • add new vanity knobs and wooden “legs”
  • “tile” the vanity backsplash using these
  • replace the bathmat with this vintage-inspired rug
  • paint the shower curtain rod a matte black + add copper rings
  • install a modern black faucet for the sink
  • find copper switch + electrical plates
  • paint trim + frame out mirror
  • clean linoleum
  • restyle!





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You can also follow along on Instagram by following #oneroomchallenge for more inspo! I’ll see y’all back here next week!



[BPBE] Proecho Solutions 10.22.2019-5

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