ORC Fall 2019 Week 6: Bold + Modern Guest Bath Reveal!

Welcome to Week 6 of the One Room Challenge! We’ve made it to the end of another season yall! ūüôƬ†Thank you so much to Linda from Calling it Home for hosting this event twice a year and to Better Homes and Gardens for being such awesome sponsors! I would also like to sincerely thank all of the featured designers and fellow participants for being so damn inspiring. Seriously, yall blow me away every time!

This season, we chose our upstairs guest bath as the subject for our transformation. A room that wasn’t exactly “embarrassing” for guests to use but extremely underwhelming nonetheless!¬† As I’ve mentioned before, we rent, and therefore did as many things as we possibly could; sadly, the linoleum had to stay as is, and there was no responsible way to tile the shower. Either way, it was another fun and gratifying bonding experience for us, and I’m in love with the finished product!

Untitled design (22)

The Design Board 

Untitled design (1)

Compared to the Spring ORC, this time I didn’t have as much pictorial inspiration per se, and more of just an organic “vision” if you will. The existing Van Gogh “Almond Blossoms” print (oh, the irony!) was more of my inspiration.¬† Next, I envisioned the wall color, and then the rug, and it just began unfolding from there, with touches of matte black, copper and amber glass to follow.

The Before


Whew! Felt like I had to jump in the way back machine to see this lovely view again! Almond paint, 80’s vanity lights and a faux pine vanity is where we started six weeks ago, and all HAD TO GO!

The Transformation 


Week 1 consisted of tackling the paint first, which I am loving more and more everyday. It is Benjamin Moore in Dragonfly, and though it may appear a bit blue in photos, it is actually a rich, deep teal leaning more to the green side. I can’t wait to use this color in a future bathroom- one with lots of natural light!

I+F ORC 11.07.2019-4

With the help of Sal’s father while his parents were here visiting, Week 2 saw our new modern light fixture, and after switching from the yellow Edison bulbs I originally bought to these white ones, it has really brightened up the space! (They also mimic more of a natural light in photos so that’s a win-win for me!)

I+F ORC 11.07.2019-1

Week 3 welcomed the transformation of the vanity including new paint, knobs, vinyl tile backsplash and hand-stained “legs.” The paint is Behr in Double Click, the carved flower knobs were a whopping $4 from Hobby Lobby, and the amazing vinyl peel and stick tile for the backsplash I ordered from Bleucoin. The tile took me all of ten minutes to install and man, what a difference! Did I mention it only cost $25? Yet another simple DIY I will definitely be incorporating into a future home!

I+F ORC 11.07.2019-2

That week the rug from Loloi also arrived, and though it’s more of a bathmat material than feels like a real woven rug, it actually worked out perfectly because well, it’s in the bathroom! Rarely do I ever order anything that is pink, but I was absolutely sold with the blush + grey combo for this space.

ACS_1459 - Copy

Week 4 was all in the details- from the copper switch plates that were installed to the last-minute modern faucet addition. Another great find for a great price on Amazon, and of course it (and the light fixture) will be coming with us! It was a bold choice- but somehow still evokes a sense of timelessness to me while complimenting the modern light fixture.

I+F ORC 11.07.2019-3

In Week 5, the decor was moved back in and restyled. As buying all new decor was neither in the budget nor even desired, I gave everything a nice dusting and simply moved things around a bit! A few new items were purchased, such as these vintage-inspired apothecary bottles and matching amber glass pump bottles for body wash and shampoo in the shower.

I+F ORC 11.07.2019-9

Speaking of shower, buh-bye bland shower curtain rod! I spray painted it a matte black, finally giving both the copper shower curtain rings and cream curtain something to pop against.

I also used the remaining vinyl tiles to make a cute little vignette, and wrapped the clear bar with hemp chord leftover from past projects.

I+F ORC 11.07.2019-10

Also last week, I had the revelation of one last project. A DIY I have seen on Pinterest many a time, I decided to go for it and frame the builder-grade mirror! We purchased a few feet of trim at Home Depot and using the Shou Sugi Ban technique, transformed the light oak wood to a deep, charred ebony.

I+F ORC 11.07.2019-11

Sal got to play with a propane torch and nothing caught fire. ūüĎ欆We used Liquid Nails and my old Shibori clamps to hold and fasten the wood, and the entire project cost approximately two hours and about 30 buckaroos. Yet ANOTHER easy DIY I will definitely be using again.

I+F ORC 11.07.2019-7

In the end, my vision of a bold and modern boho guest retreat is complete for under $400. Once again, I couldn’t have done this without the help of family and my Superman Sal. It is now a space I can feel accomplished walking past, and trust me, the guests won’t be the only ones enjoying it- I’m jumping in this bath right now- complete with a glass of ros√© of course! Cheers to another successful One Room Challenge!

I+F ORC 11.07.2019-6

The Plan

  • paint walls Benjamin Moore Dragonfly
  • (hopefully!) paint the vanity a soft gray
  • install a new modern black light fixture
  • add new vanity knobs and wooden “legs”
  • “tile” the vanity backsplash using these
  • replace the bathmat with this vintage-inspired rug
  • paint the shower curtain rod a matte black + add copper rings
  • install a modern black faucet for the sink
  • find copper switch + electrical plates
  • paint trim + frame out mirror
  • restyle!





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Thanks so much for following along this season! All of your kinds words mean so much to me. ūüôŹ

You can check out the rest of the guest participants HERE or the amazing featured designers HERE and follow along on Instagram at #oneroomchallenge to see more of the amazing reveals!

See you next season!



I+F ORC 11.07.2019-12

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